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News regarding this online Friends Art Show will be posted below.

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An Art Show Pause

Art Show in a Time of Crisis, while still up and attended to, will be on pause for the next six months. All the works exhibited will still be available for purchase, though there will be no additions to the art show until October 2021.

Since August 2020 there have been over 20 works sold. Thank you to everyone for your support. We hope to have more artists exhibiting later in the year.

Judi, Paul, and Andrew

Another Work Sold

The work ‘Stand of Trees’ has now been sold.

Our continuing thanks for all your ongoing suppport of Friends.

We still have some fine works available on the site for your consideration.

Judi, Paul, and Andrew

A New Artist

Welcome, Anne Rolfsen, to the art show. Anne has kindly donated two works, both ‘Centralkompositions’, one called ‘Altar’ and the other ‘Cross’. A Centralkomposition is much like a mandala.

To purchase these, go to Art Page 1 (‘Cross’) and Art Page 3 (‘Altar’).

Thank you, Anne, for these wonderful works. Anne’s bio and more information about these two works can be seen on the page ‘Artist and Art Work Bio’s’.

Five New Works

Welcome to Patricia Baxter. Her full bio is avaliable in ‘Artist and Artwork Bio’s’. Patricia’s works are four table runners and one shash/scarf. All are made from vintage kimono material.

These beautful works were created largely during lockdown. Patricia “set herself a challenge this year to use materials already at hand and was delighted to find some long forgotten remnants from deconstructed vintage kimonos.” (from her bio).

View these works and consider a purchase before they go.

Judi, Paul, Andrew

Sales And A Re-Addition

Confirming two more sales, ‘River Dreaming’ and ‘Moonlight on the River’:

And ‘Julie’s Painting Day’ is back on the site and available for purchase on Art Page 1:

Julie’s Painting Day

One Work Sold, Another Added

‘Moonlight On The River’ has been sold.

Moonlight On The River

Tilde Lousie Carslen, from Denmark, has donated a work: ‘Dancing With Your Shadow’. It was inspired by Kim Nataraja’s book of the same name. Read Tilde’s bio in the artist and work bio section of the site. The work, its details, and purchasing options, can be found on Art Page 3.

Dancing With Your Shadow

‘Julie’s Paintng Day’ Sold..

‘Julie’s Painting Day’, by Naomi Downie, has been sold.

Julie’s Painting Day

There has been quite a bit of activity lately on the site. Thank you to all who have bought a work – all proceeds to The WCCM’s Friends Programme.

If you are considering buying a work, there is free worldwide postage until the end of November.