Artist and Artwork Bio’s

Anne Rolfsen

Anne is from Norway.

Education: The Norwegian Art and Craft school, Oslo 1967 -71; The Royal Academy of Art, Oslo 1978 – 1984

Anne has had many exhibitions – in Oslo and other Norwegian cities; also in  Copenhagen, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, China (Kummin), and Tibet (Lhasa).

Anne has also done some art teaching.

From Anne: “In Norway we have a fantastic system with a lot of scholarships for artists, so I have mainly survived on that, beside some decoration jobs – especially in hospitals. I’m still an active artist, with two coming shows next year (2021).

My ‘Centralkompositions’ started out as a work I did after my morning meditation. For a long while I did these drawings every day (Like C.G. Jung also did for a time). I have been working on this subject for about 11 years now, next to other artistic expressions as well, like painting. The  Norwegian National Museum just bought 15  of these ‘Centralkompositions.'”

Antoinette McSharry

Antoinette McSharry was born in Switzerland and has an international grounding in art.
She studied at Art Students’ League, New York (life drawing and etching), as well as at Academie Royale des Beaux Arts, Brussels, where she was awarded a teaching degree.

In Australia, Antoinette studied etching, screen printing and lithography at the Workshop Arts Centre, Sydney.

Antionette has exhibited in group shows in New York, Brussels, Zurich and Sydney, and in one-person shows in Sydney.

Antoinette taught watercolour painting at the Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby (NSW), for 5 years. For 12 years she served on the Board of Directors of the Workshop Arts Centre and was President of the Board for 2 of those years.

Until recently, Antoinette was a volunteer guide at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. She volunteered at the Museum for 19 years.

Bridget Chetwynd

Bridget is working as the international office manager for WCCM in London and is also an artist. She has also been working as a designer and painting since graduating from Wimbledon School of Art.

Bridget chose this painting for our exhibit because she wanted to emphasise the uplifting nature of this cherry blossom that grows in her neighbourhood in London (UK).

The reassuring beauty of nature during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a constant source of joy for Bridget during these uncertain times.

Bridget has had the opportunity to exhibit three times at The WCCM’s Meditatio Centre in London since starting there 5 years ago, the last being in March this year.

Catherine Valpiani

Catherine Valpiani is a Sydney-based painter, printmaker and ceramic artist who studied at Northern Sydney TAFE and COFA (UNSW).  She regularly exhibits and takes part in international non-toxic printmaking exchanges.

She is involved in urban sketching and environmental art projects.

‘Doves’ is a multi-stepped reduction linoprint . It was inspired by the doves on The WCCM logo. Here they are seen flying before and after settling at the fountain. The print was based on sketches of two doves which visit a community garden.

Lee Milroy

Bio coming soon

Josephine Pretorius

Josephine Pretorius has been painting and drawing since childhood for the sheer pleasure of it.

She collaborated with art therapy colleagues on three Installation/Performance art exhibitions in 2005 and 2006.

‘Pilgrimage’ was inspired by a work by Owen Thompson and speaks to being drawn along by a sense of that which cannot be reached. ‘Hollyhocks’ seeks to capture something of nature in a moment of flourishing.

She has not previously exhibited her paintings or put them up for sale.

Naomi Downie

Naomi Downie is a creative person of faith, living in the Inner West of Sydney, NSW. Her artistic journey has explored improvisation, poetry, painting & works on paper. 

After 20years of group art exhibitions in Melbourne, Newcastle & Sydney, Naomi had her first solo show in Orchard Gallery, Waterloo in 2019. She is currently painting towards her next Duo show in February 2021 at BalmainSpace Gallery alongside a ceramic artist, titled ‘Waterways & Belonging”.

She is a exhibiting member of Harrington Street Gallery artist Co-op since 2014 & Annandale Creative Art Centre since 2017.

Patricia Baxter

Patricia grew up on the northern outskirts of Sydney. She enjoyed sewing and art and craft from an early age and was taught dressmaking by her mother from the time she was 12.

Patricia enjoys making both functional and decorative pieces, primarily with the use of a sewing machine. Her love of the variety of colour, pattern and texture in textiles led her to sew many patchwork quilts, usually from scraps.

She particularly likes to work with natural fibres.

Patricia set herself a challenge during 2020 to use materials already at hand and was delighted to find some long forgotten remnants from deconstructed vintage kimonos. These remnants were used in the creation of the table runners and the shash/scarf on this site.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor has been painting since the late 1990s but it has only been in the last few years since he retired that he got serious about it and started painting pretty much every day.

He has the great advantages of living on a very beautiful island in the Hawkesbury and also the opportunity of travelling to many wonderful destinations both in Australia and overseas.  An other advantage is that he is a meditator and somehow this seems to have unlocked a creative side of him that seems to be flourishing much to his surprise.

His paintings were inspired by 2 rivers: the Hawkesbury (north of Sydney and south of Newcastle, NSW), and the Daly river which is up in the top end (Northern Territory) – a place where a very special indigenous community, lead by Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, has welcomed him and other meditators.

Sarah Bishop

Sarah is a Blue Mountains (NSW) artist and meditator who works mostly with found objects – exploring themes of life and death, the physical and spiritual, suffering and joy, loss and love. She loves to redeem that which was lost or discarded and celebrate the small and insignificant detritus of life, which can contain hidden meaning and value, if only we will pay attention. 

Terence O’Donnell

Born in Sydney in 1942.


Graduated with Honours, from the National Art School, Sydney in 1966.

Teacher of painting and drawing from 1966 to July, 2000 when he retired from the position of Senior Lecturer and Head of Painting Studies at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, to work full time in the studio.    

Since 1971 he has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Broken Hill, Adelaide, Expo 74, Spokane, Washington, USA, New Zealand and Paris.

His early works were predominantly abstract in nature but their inspiration was always drawn from a keen interest in the natural world.

From around 1984 the Australian landscape became the predominant theme of his work and the subject matter is the result of frequent trips to the remote outback of Australia to work directly from the landscape, with developments from these on-site studies evolving in the studio.

Also, a deep interest in religious imagery has resulted in a number of projects being completed for Catholic churches and chapels around Sydney.

Tilde Louise Carlsen

Tilde Louise Carlsen is a danish painter and meditator. She led a Watercolor & Contemplation Workshop at Bonnevaux in 2019.

Tilde has been drawing and painting since childhood, growing up in an artists home. Her father was the danish film director, Henning Carlsen.

Tilde works with painting, printmaking, photography and watercolor. She is inspired by the new nordic watercolor wave and is a teacher in this. Tilde also teaches people with dementia to paint.

Tilde has had exibitions in Denmark and Latvia. Her website is here.

Virginia Carroll Glover

Virginia has been painting since the early 1960’s when she was first taught by John Olsen (1961-2). Since then, Virginia has exhibited her works both in solo and group exhibitions including the Artists Choice Exhibition (1975), Amnesty International Exhibition (1990), the Blake Prize (1993), and the Korean Australian Art Prize Finalist exhibition of 2015. Virginia is currently holding a solo exhibition at the Maunsell Wickes Gallery (Paddington, Sydney).